Traci's 2005 MINI Cooper

This is Traci's 2005 Liquid Yellow/White MINI Cooper, currently named Lemon Pie (LP). 
It was order 13 October 2004 and was originally going to be her Christmas present. MINI
was on the ball and had it here 2 weeks early so she got it for her 35th birthday!

LP was a total surprise!  When I ordered it Traci had been looking at a used one but since
MINI's retain so much value it was almost as cheap to buy it new.  I managed to keep it a
secret for 2 months.  So far as she's said, she had absolutely no idea. 

If you watch the video what she's been doing up to that point is reading a PowerPoint
slideshow disguised as a Birthday Card.  It was about 30 pages long and timed to the
second.  Her office has a full outside view and I didn't want her to get a glimpse of me
pulling up so I called her on my cell and sent her to our home page.  The web cam showed
my Xterra parked out in front of the house so she thought I was at home.  As she read
I timed it to pull up just as she got to the next to the last page, the "All my Love, Brian" page.
She still didn't know what was up.  Then the slide flipped to the last page which said:

"Oh, and by the way, please turn around..."

At which point we were right out in front of her office!  It went off without a hitch.  Thanks
to Heather (you know how you are) for all her help in getting me access to the parking
lot, for video taping the whole event, and for keeping the secret!

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